Golden Mop was established by a team of property management professionals in 2014. Since then, we have established ourselves as one of the best rated independent professional cleaning companies in London. Our diverse client list includes everything from large multi-site businesses to private individuals, and pretty much everything in between.

Our brand ethos is based on the values we aspire to and that we believe most businesses also aim for.

We believe that cleanliness and hygiene are key to a healthy and productive life, and a clean workplace is a happy workplace. Likewise, maintaining a clean home is the bedrock of a healthy life.

To provide a quality service, we need to understand the needs of our clients. Only then can we meet and ideally exceed these requirements.

Every professional partnership is based on a team and a service that you can trust. By building a team who value integrity and who have pride in the work, we can be assured that we will deliver a service that we, as a business, will be proud of.