Disinfecting Cleaning in London

With the spread of the coronavirus, more businesses are aware of the importance of infection control and deep cleaning in the workplace. If you need to ensure your customers or staff are as protected as possible from the threat of covid-19, or any other bacterial or viral infection, our professional business disinfection service will eliminate germs and minimise the potential for spreading pathogens. Our coronavirus deep cleaning service will sanitise touchpoints, handles, floors, surfaces, walkways and equipment using professional decontamination technology. All of our deep cleaning team members will be wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment) and have been fully trained about the rigorous standards expected to minimise the spread of coronavirus and other dangerous diseases.

What you can expect from our coronavirus deep cleaning service:

  • Eliminate germs and pathogens from surfaces in your premises
  • Professional staff who understand the dangers and demands
  • Staff will be wearing full PPE equipment to minimise further spread of coronavirus
  • The best quality cleaning equipment and chemicals