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Cleaning FAQ

Please provide us with the following cleaning products to ensure we’re able to do the best possible job: Multi-purpose cleaning spray, limescale remover, general purpose polish, microfiber cloths, gloves, furniture polish, vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets and brushes. It’s also a good idea to speak with your cleaner when they visit to double check the products you have available are the best fit for the job.

Both the company and our cleaners are completely insured. This provides peace of mind to all of our clients.

Many of our cleaners attend addresses while the client is out. If this is going to be the case for you, you can leave the keys with a concierge or with the cleaner during their previous visit.

Our cleaners will endeavor to treat your home and property with the utmost care and respect; however, sometimes accidents do happen. If this happens in your home, the cleaner will leave you a note and we will then arrange to have the item replaced or repaired.