Office Cleaning in Oxford Street

Top Quality Office Cleaning for Oxford Circus Businesses

There are many benefits to having a clean, neat workspace but it can be hard to maintain your offices in a tidy and hygienic state without professional assistance. If you don’t have the staff to clean your offices as often as you’d like and you don’t want to spend a fortune on outside help, our office cleaning service in Oxford Circus is just what you need. We charge realistic rates for a quality commercial cleaning service that you can rely on to keep your workspace in pristine condition on a day-to-day basis. Our cleaners can visit your premises whenever convenient, wipe down all surfaces, vacuum and mop the floors, clean the windows and perform all other regular cleaning tasks to ensure that your offices are fit for your employees when they arrive every morning.

A Unique Approach to Office Cleaning in Oxford Circus

Many commercial cleaning companies tell prospective clients what type of services they offer and leave them to decide whether the services will fit their needs. We like to do things a little differently at Golden Mop. If you are interested in our office cleaning services, we will arrange a meeting during which you can tell us all about your cleaning needs and ask any questions you may have about the services we provide. After the meeting, we will devise a cleaning plan and schedule that covers all of the requirements you told us about and ensures that they will be met without fail. This may not sound like a revolutionary approach but you don’t need us to tell you how rare it is in the commercial cleaning industry.

Office Cleaning in Oxford Circus Performed by Your Very Own Team

We don’t just send whoever happens to be available when the time comes to clean your Oxford Street offices: we will pick a team of experienced cleaners to look after your offices and you will have the same team for each visit. Because you will always have the same cleaners (holidays and illness excepted) the cleaning will be performed in accordance with your specific wishes every single time. Call now to get started!