Domestic Cleaning in Surrey Quays

The Best Domestic Cleaning in Surrey Quays

Our domestic cleaning team is comprised of highly trained professionals who have been handpicked to provide an outstanding service to our customers in Surrey Quays. We are so confident you will be pleased with the service you receive that we offer a no-quibble guarantee: if you are not happy with the work performed, we will send our team back to do it again, at no cost to you.  We offer this guarantee to all of our domestic cleaning customers but so far nobody has needed to take advantage of it yet. However, we continue to provide the guarantee so that you know we are serious about the quality of service we provide.

You Will Love Our Domestic Cleaning in Surrey Quays

Our customers in the area are delighted with the service they receive from Golden Mop and often write to tell us exactly what it is they like about us.

  • Individually Assigned Cleaners – To make sure that we can provide you with a reliable and consistent domestic cleaning service that always meets your needs, we will assign a specific cleaner to your contract. We find this helps to ensure everything is always done according to your wishes and avoids the need for you to repeat those wishes to an endless stream of new cleaners.
  • Affordable Rates – Our rates are among the most competitive you will find anywhere in Surrey Quays or the surrounding area.
  • Commitment to Ensuring Customer Satisfaction – Our management team visit client’s sites on a regular basis to make sure they are happy with the service they are being provided with.

Convenient Domestic Cleaning in Surrey Quays, Performed to Your Exact Specifications

Individually assigned cleaners, regular management checkups and a commitment to customer satisfaction are all very important to our customers but if we were asked to pick one thing that makes our service stand out from all the others, it would be the fact we make sure all cleaning is performed to your specifications. We find out exactly what our customers want from us and make sure that’s what they get, every single visit.