Why You Should Use an End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service

Hygiene is one of the factors you consider before occupying any new premises. You need professional end of tenancy cleaning services to clean your equipment and old premises. Landlords, inventory clerks and other stakeholders in the industry have now adopted high cleaning standards. Most tenancy agreements require you to use professional cleaning services before leaving your rented premises. We provide a quality end of tenancy cleaning London service.

Guarantee a return of your deposit by having the premises cleaned by our experienced end of tenancy leaning London team. Investigations reveal that leaving rooms in an improper condition is the leading reason why landlords withhold tenants’ deposit. This could even occur after the premises are cleaned especially if the contractor is inexperienced. On the other hand, landlords deduct exaggerated amounts to cater for cleaning services if the premise is left unattended. You can avoid all this hassle by using our cost effective end of tenancy cleaning services.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service end of tenancy cleaning london

We ensure that your property is left in a good condition once your tenancy comes to an end. We stick to the latest inventory clerk checklists to ensure all required cleaning standards are observed. Dedicated supervisors go through the list to make sure no item is skipped. We have a team of dedicated end of tenancy cleaning London cleaners who have experience in cleaning all types of property. You can be sure to get deep clean surface from our thoroughly trained personnel.

End of tenancy cleaning means leaving all surfaces and appliances clean. We conduct thorough cleaning on the floor, windows, cupboards freezer, cabinets and generally all surfaces. All equipments are cleaned in and out so that in addition to leaving behind clean premises you also move with clean property.

We are fully equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and accessories. Our long service in the cleaning industry has enabled us to identify the right detergents for different surfaces. Therefore, we only use the detergents known to work best for each surface. This sets us apart from unskilled end of tenancy cleaning London provides who cause damage to your property by the end of the service. Besides, we only use eco-friendly products.

We have vacuum cleaners for cleaning cushions, mattresses, upholstery and all light work applications. You can as well obtain carpet cleaning services but these are charged separately. Any light fittings and accessories are fully dusted and the floor washed with the recommended materials. Drawers are emptied of any unnecessary stuff, kitchen ware cleaned, and toilet seats brushed clean. No surface is left unattended and polishing is done where necessary.

We understand your busy schedule during the relocation period. We are adaptable and respond within a short notice period. We provide thorough cleaning within the shortest time possible including same day services. If in any case your inventory clerk or estate agent is unhappy with our end of tenancy cleaning London service, we repeat the work at no extra charges. However, request for repeat work should be presented before expiry of the agreed period.

We have transparent payment terms so you know how much you will be paying for before the work commences. We provide a quote guided by the cleaning activities that need to be conducted as opposed to hourly charging. There are no hidden charges as you only pay for the services you get.

You are assigned a dedicated supervisor once a booking is made. The supervisor ensures all terms and conditions agreed upon are strictly adhered to. The management works hand in hand with the supervisors to address any arising issues. We endeavour to satisfy our clients in order to build lasting business relationships with them.

Efficiency is core to our business and each piece of equipment is handled with utmost care. Our work is guaranteed and insured so we come back within the agreed time in case the need arises. We are flexible with the payment scheme and the set working days. Our supportive customer care personnel are ever ready to make any adjustments.

Avoid unnecessary losses by booking our end of tenancy cleaning London services today. Settling for inexperienced cleaners may lead to higher costs as you have to repair damaged property. We have enabled many people to get their deposits back and you can be part of them. Leave the mess to us and only come back to inspect a clean and tidy facility.

When vacating your property, the last thing you want to do is to leave it dirty and damaged. At Golden Mop, we’re here to take care of your house cleaning needs, saving you the time and energy to pack and prepare for relocation. We offer efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning services that restore your home to just the way it was prior to vacancy. Call us today and learn more on the best end of tenancy clean, London.

These are our End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service task list

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning London cleaners work to a detailed checklist based on inventory clerk standards.

All Rooms

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean internal facings of all windows
  • Clean window frames and cills
  • Clean all woodwork inc doors, frames and skirting boards
  • Clean radiators and pipe work
  • Clean out fireplaces and woodburners
  • Clean lights, fittings, switches and sockets
  • Clean banisters, spindles and handrails
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors

In furnished rooms (as appropriate);

  • Remove items from surfaces, clean and replace
  • Move items of light furniture, clean underneath / behind and replace
  • Clean inside cupboards, drawers and wardrobes
  • Upholstery removed and vacuumed

In kitchen / utility Rooms

  • Clean tops, fronts and all internal facings of cupboards and drawers
  • Clean and degrease tiling and backsplash
  • Degrease extractor
  • Clean hob and rings
  • Clean work surfaces
  • Clean sink and taps – descale as required

Appliances-as instructed;

  • Clean inside of oven inc shelves,trays, door and seals
  • Strip out and clean inside of fridge/ freezer. Clean and replace trays. Clean seals
  • Clean soap dispenser, seals and door on washing machine
  • Clean door, rims and seals on dishwasher. Remove filter, clean and replace.
  • Clean door and filter on dryer

In bathrooms/cloakrooms

  • Clean and descale tiles
  • Clean and descale shower screen, head, pipes and fittings
  • Clean and descale taps, fittings and surrounds
  • Clean bath
  • Clean and descale sink
  • Clean and descale WC inc exterior, pipes and seat
  • Polish mirrors
  • Clean inside vanity unit

Apart from our end of tenancy cleaning London service we offer more cleaning services.